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Published: September, 2011 / January 2012
Pages (standard A4): 163

The most unusual boy is born under some very shady circumstances. His fate is to be the leader of the dark Arathan army; the first one of many like him, but something has gone wrong in the process. Young Aniceth An'Arath shows many desired qualities like unmatched prowess in the battleground and exceptional skill with weapons, but it is his heart that causes great concern to his maker, for Aniceth is kind and polite, which diverges strongly from the expectations cast upon him. Eventually the only way to deal with the radical differences between his own views and the way of the society is to escape - even if the outcome of such foolish attempt is almost certain death.

Stillborn was originally released as two separate novellas, which explains the strange way to mark its release date. I eventually combined them to form one novel for easier management. It was a very ambitious attempt to write in the style of R. A. Salvatore while inserting many of my own ideas into the mix. I did a small revision when combining the novellas, but it mostly concerned the outdated terms and names that lingered among the text, so it's still the very endearing beginning of my journey as a writer, but with up-to-date terminology.