Social media

You may ask why I don't support LinkedIn, or why I don't support Tumblr? The answer is simple: a lack of resources to keep them all up-to-date. That's why I've picked two most popular ones and putting in serious effort to make sure they always offer the latest news, and sometimes a little bit more. You can find the social media links on the left side navigation bar at any time, but here they are once more.

Facebook: I'm always announcing all the website updates on Facebook, but I also offer some special treats from time to time. I have gone as far as to release a short story exclusively on Facebook. I'm also sharing a lot of concept ideas concerning the world building, which helps me to flesh out Aradea, and hopefully generate some feedback along the process.
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Twitter: This social media is meant to be purely a quick news channel for short announcements. You will not see much else here other than website updates. This arrangement gives you options to pick the type of news feed you prefer.
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