Short stories

The Dark Light of Silver (November, 2017)

No matter how much of a paradise, there are always snakes lurking, whispering lies to trusting ears. Love conquers all, but a single deception may cripple the foundations and bring it crashing down. The sweetness turns sour and the warmth fades to cold, the blooming flowers wither away, and the price is your soul.

Escape from Shadow Town (August, 2017)

There is no hope for the enslaved, helplessly waiting for their inevitable fate. There is no dawn, for darkness has consumed the last glimpses of light. In this cradle of pain and despair, one man rises to do something different, to give hope and a chance for someone he cares about very much. Known as a traitor and a man of no dignity, he has to gain her trust before it's all too late.

Under the Streets of Ashagor (February, 2016)

A slave enters the sewers of Ashagor in order to earn his freedom, but the horrors waiting in the depths would not grant one single step for free. He would have to gamble his life to reach a dream that seemed unreachable.

Off the Rails (March, 2015)

Sometimes life takes control and sets us up on rails that lead nowhere despite the best attempts to do what is right. Sometimes it takes something earthshattering for us to realize this and correct the course before it's too late.

The Crapshoot (November, 2013)

In a world destroyed by nuclear holocaust, a man must gamble everything to survive, and sometimes even that is not enough. When all hope is lost, and death seems to be the only outcome, a man may have to rely on a single crapshoot to save his skin.

The Children of the Wild (January, 2013)

In the southern rain forests of Solanar lives a peculiar race of shapeshifters, known as the Morphers. This is a story of a young female Morpher who is about to go through the rite of adulthood, an event where magical signs are tattooed all over her body to provide her the sacred gift of the tribe.

An Amorphous Fear (August, 2012)

The battle is raging, and archenemies are hunting for each other to end the feud that has lasted longer than anyone cares to remember.

The Tribulation (June, 2012)

A story about the end of everything. The Immortals have woven their last spell and cast it upon the world - unleashing a storm that would sunder the lands and destroy everything that once was known as the old world.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (December, 2011)

A medical student, Kyle Richards, begins his summer job at the Eastridge General Hospital, where the old janitor has committed suicide under rather mysterious circumstances. Kyle runs into a number of oddities while working, and finds himself in the middle of illegal abortion business where even ghosts have their part to play before everything is said and done.

A Tale of the White Deer (August, 2011)

A tiny short story about greed, and how it can harm our loved ones.