The Forbidden Bounty (April, 2014)

Two boys and a girl journey south to the ruins of Thorncove, an old hideout of the mystics. Seeking anything valuable in a time when Awen, the secret writing of the Immortals, was strictly forbidden, the party stumbles into the darkness of the abandoned lair. What they find from there exceeds even their wildest hopes and dreams, but the price may be too much for them to bear.

The Primal Traits (April, 2013)

A man has left his past behind, but the shadows of his grim deeds come haunt him at night, tearing the faded scars wide open and dragging out secrets that should have remained in the dark. The deepest cuts must be amended by steel, the bitter debts paid in blood.

The Hunter's Pledge (June, 2011)

A forced marriage drives Tanissa Darksky, none other than the chief's daughter, to seek safety from the frozen wilds. The young man who was destined to be her husband forms a party to go after her. Traveling southward, attempting to escape the bare tundra, Tanissa must test her skills and push them to the limit to survive, but is the price of freedom too much for her to pay?