A brief description of the maps:

Aradea: The world map.

Amnar: A small continent in the northwest, which is often debated being nothing more than a large island. The population mostly consists of Hurons with very little interbreeding, for Amnar remained hidden for several centuries after the Great Storm.

Belmora: The northeastern continent, which is considered widely as the civilized world, where development has reached a higher point than anywhere else. One of the four major continents. The population varies according to an area, but generally Hurons populate the north and east, Elvars the west, Midbornes the central and Trevlins the south.

Halfar: The arctic continent, debated if it's really a large island instead of a continent. This is the home of the Forgars, a distant branch of Darfins who have adjusted to live in arctic environment while retaining their natural curiosity for earth, which has resulted in amazing architecture within the enormous ice caverns and snow tunnels carved deep beneath the everfrost.

Narachel: The southwestern continent, and the one that is still mostly clad in mystery. The ancient Dryads dwell in here, as well as the Seraphins - a lizardman race that is often debated whether they indeed exist or if it's nothing more than a vague myth.

Solanar: The southeastern continent, also known as the great southern continent, for it is the largest of them all. Many exotic species live in Solanar, some of them well known, some of them barely known, but nonetheless, it's a home for many things that are considered nothing but a rumor or a legend. The best examples of these are the shapeshifting people of Marathlor, the proud warrior race of Linotaurs, and the savage, bloodthirsty Minotaurs.

Westerdel: The northwestern continent; the origin of Hurons and Luthans. Considered remote and isolated, Westerdel has lately become more accepted and known part of the world with friendly treaties they made with Amnar and Haldur, but it will take a lot more than a couple of political alliances to truly come back from the dreamy past.