Religion - Known Lesser Religions

1. Midnight Guard
2. Scions of the Hourglass
3. Torgas Monastery
4. Azure Abbey

Midnight Guard

In the deep forest of Drathlund, carved into the steep walls of Harrow Mountains stands Altheon, a religious community worshipping the mysterious Sardius. Well educated in the secrets of Awen, the Guard mixes religion and magic in ways that are often intepreted as heresy. However, as long as they dwell in their mountain fortress, it is unlikely any ruler of Calathmar would allow the Church of Ten Flames to meddle with them, for they keep the rapidly spawning Myrdin population at bay in the area, effectively protecting the farming communities of Kharns, as well as the towns of Carviel and Drekhan. These warrior monks have sworn the oath of silence, and when they're forced to speak, they utter in whispers to prevent themselves from disturbing the great Sardius.


Scions of the Hourglass

Located in the city of Saladur in the heart of the Malbornean empire, the grand citadel of Cordalas hosts the Scions of the Hourglass, the keepers of eternal records. The entire history of Belmora, including many tomes about the other continents as well, are stored within these sandstone walls. It is rumored that deep beneath the citadel, an apparition of Leileth herself is speaking the history as it happens. Around her, a large group of scribes are writing down every single word and storing it to the ever growing library containing the Second Age in its entirety.


Torgas Monastery

Far to the south, in the middle of the Whitedust Heights, rising from the dunes of Merengel Desert, looms the dark structure of Torgas Monastery. These monks are feared among all nations of Solanar, even the mighty Leotars of Khartaka, for they follow the teachings of Calmor and host a disturbingly high amount of dark hallows. Torgas monks believe that the way to achieve glorious afterlife is solely through pain and suffering, which includes blood sacrifice and rituals of torture. The dead are enlightened, often hanged on the walls of the monastery where the monks gather at dawn to kiss their rotting feet while praying for glorious death from Calmor.


Azure Abbey

Scattered around Belmora, these nuns of Anduniel are the only officially recognized and supported rival of the Church of Ten Flames, which has allowed them considerable thriving on the continent. Their deep knowledge of medicinal herbs has earned them a reputation as able healers, helping them to grow lasting roots in many areas. The headquarters of the order is Theylon Abbey in Valkrist, Nolgor, known for the massive azure-colored stained glass windows. The order was founded in the very beginning of the Second Age, soon after the Church of Ten Flames, and it has stood the test of time as a sanctuary for the weary and haunted.