Religion - The Devoted

The Devoted

Unlike mystics, who had existed since the ancient times of the First Age, hallows were a new group of devoted followers, spending their lives forging a spiritual connection with their Immortal. To achieve this, the person had to have an ability to sense the closeness of an Atar, which usually occurred at a very young age. This sensitivity manifests itself through strange sensations as if some invisible entity is nearby, restless dreams that reveal things unseen and omens showing what is yet to come. With fierce focus, training and deep insight these strange incidents may gain clarity, offering paths to greater power together with the deity. The way of the hallow is a lonely one, for there is absolutely nothing an outsider could provide to help with the training. It is about reaching deep into one's soul, finding strength from the inner self and becoming familiar with the Immortal spirit the hallow worships.

Slowly, over years of learning, meditating and building their spiritual strength, the hallow begins to understand what is required, the balance of sacrifice and fulfillment. An Immortal Atar does not endow power freely, but demands a sacrifice for a prayer fulfilled. The most common one is blood sacrifice, where the hallow cuts themselves in order to gain a favor from the Atar, paying a heavy toll for the granted wish. A blood sacrifice is required whenever the target of a prayer is somebody else than the hallow. Compared to a mystic, a hallow's greatest advantage is the speed at which they are able to unleash their power. While completely lacking the complex nature of finest spells, the crucial haste gives them an edge in the battlefield where they can perform miracles. This, however, comes with a dire cost as the hallow must touch the subject of their prayer together with the required sacrifice.

The key to hallow's hasty prayer is a wish, a word that is spoken to clearly present the full intent and meaning of the prayer. Upon the moment of touch, the hallow presents their wish to the Atar, and together with a proper sacrifice, the wish is either fulfilled or ignored. A hallow's might requires an extensive knowledge and understanding of their Immortal's will and nature before the prayers become a trusted source of power. The relationship between a hallow and Atar is something that is impossible for an outsider to comprehend. It is intimate and private, almost as if the Immortal walks hand in hand with their servant, lending their infinite wisdom and power to conquer all obstacles along the way.

The limits of hallow's might are unclear. A strong favor from their Atar may seem like their might knows no limits, but the mind of an Atar is a fickle one. When the hallow fails to fulfill the expectations of their deity, the connection may weaken, leaving the hallow to struggle while trying to regain their lost favor. Hallows are known to heal those injured with lethal damage to their bodies, killing a foe with a simple touch and word, but some actions seem to be almost impossible to complete without losing their deity's favor. These forbidden prayers include the miracles of resurrection and immortality, likely because they go against the very nature of all Immortals and their grand design of how the world is balanced between good and evil. The sacred cycle of life and death must not be broken by even the strongest hallow.