Magic - The Cradles of Knowledge

1. Palantheon
2. Ranks of Palantheon
3. Library of Malgred
4. Library of Dralwid
5. Tower of Gilnash
6. Meldoriel of Dhal
7. Hall of Linthel
8. Temple of Sirion


Most mystics choose to live their lives in Palantheon, a city built on an island in the middle of the gigantic Lake Shirdale where wild gryphons roam the high shores. There, in their own realm known as Angarath, the mystics experiment, discover and create things that are often considered miracles for the outsiders. In their dusty chambers, new spell sequences are incessantly created, recorded and stored within the grimoires of seemingly infinite knowledge. These deeply involved mystics are generally called sages, for their wisdom reaches beyond this world. Rarely a sage leaves his study to participate in the comings and goings of Aradea. They find that to be a waste of their limited time. While this is true for most, it does not hold true for all mystics.

Palantheon is, admittedly, a breathtakingly beautiful place with the tall towers reaching for the skies, deep creeks striping the green landscape, courtyards and parks offering serene environments for the mystics to ponder their problems. But behind this peaceful facade lies a strict hierarchy with endless power struggle, the most desirable position being the archmystic, also known as the keeper of a named element. Palantheon is ruled by a council of five archmystics representing the four elements of life, bound together by the fifth element, aether. The Council of Five works as a loose democracy where most matters are settled by voting. As there are five archmystics, the result of a vote can never be a tie, but, depending on the age and matter, the keeper of aether may choose to make an independent decision as he is the high speaker and the leader of the council. The keeper of aether is always elected from among the other archmystics. As each archmystic is chosen for life, the promotion to become the keeper of aether, also generally known as archon, leaves an empty seat in the council, which opens the window of opportunity for a new member. The ideal situation would be to have the most skilled, renown mystic to rise and claim the seat, but in reality this is not the case. Usually schemes, bribes and political advances play a major part as the mystics of such stature have interests of their house in mind as much as their personal power. Having influence in Palantheon means having influence in the kingdom capitals, which, in return, provides greater wealth and resources for the house in question.

While most mystics reside in Palantheon, some pursue their careers elsewhere. All major libraries usually have at least one mystic; many courts of kings have mystics in high positions. Just like with the hallows, the presence of a mystic offered prestige and a valuable set of skills to be used against political rivals and for the benefit of the army. Some have chosen to become hermits in the wild, focusing on their studies in the outdoors. Most mystics outside the safety of Palantheon are well accustomed to carry weapons. Powerful enchantments engraved on their blades and staves, a mystic is always a formidable foe whether they are given time to prepare a spell or not. The scattering of mystics has caused the once great power of Palantheon to weaken over centuries, for mystics who chose to study elsewhere took their precious studies stored in their personal grimoires with them, and some of them were lost forever. This gradual deterioration partially paved way for the eclipse that began the hundred years of darkness as a result of an utterly failed experiment with a world portal called the aethergate. On the other hand, this scattering possibly saved the future as a handful of the mystics avoided the purge that followed.


Ranks of Palantheon

Archon (also known as the Keeper of Aether) - Chairman of the Council of Five and leader of Palantheon.

Archmystic (also known as the Keeper of Wind, Keeper of Water, Keeper of Stone and Keeper of Fire) - The four members of the council, who form the administration of Palantheon.

Master - A gifted person who has completed their training and is considered master of the craft.

Apprentice - A gifted person who is in the process of becoming a mystic, working under the guidance of a mystic.

Gifted - A gifted person without training.


Library of Malgred

A part of the massive citadel of the Darkmere Wardens residing on the island of Mithras in the middle of the Westwind Sea, the library itself forms nearly half of the entire fortress. Almost all of the artifacts and ancient writings collected since Faladmir Windhover founded the order at the end of the First Age are located here. It is the headquarters of the Darkmere Wardens, and as an extensive storage of information, it has attracted mystics to study within the sturdy walls. Mithras is a safe haven in the middle of the stormy seas as it has never been conquered during its lengthy existence. Library of Malgred was originally opened by Grandmaster Malgred Eagleheart, who served as the second grandmaster after Faladmir himself.


Library of Dralwid

A shining beacon of wisdom in the heart of Yorkar, the Library of Dralwid hosts the Darkmere Wardens in Westerdel. Named after the first grandmaster, Dralwid the Dreamer, this library does not fully belong to the Wardens, but also serves as a public library for all denizens of Choralon. An entire wing of it has been appointed to the order, and it is there where the oldest scripts of Westerdel are carefully stored. A modest group of mystics, although most of them wandering druids, have found a solid base from the quiet chambers full of historical records.


Tower of Gilnash

In the city of Avoral, on the Everyn Island, stands the Tower of Gilnash. Built by Gilnash Orendil, an Elvar sage, who lived during the first century of the Second Age. The multinational island that officially is a part of the kingdom of Dalgard, yet does not truly belong under the rule of any surrounding kingdoms, has proven to be a lively place for mystics to gather. The tower is not owned by anyone, but instead works as an open establishments for any mystic to spend time and delve into their studies in peace. Constant traffic in and out of the island guarantees opportunities to purchase old writings from the passing tradesmen.


Meldoriel of Dhal

Hidden beneath the Burning Mountains, Meldoriel a great library located in the underground city of Dhal. As it is in the heart of Cildar territory, not many dare to approach this ancient cradle of knowledge. Instead of actual knowledge, this place is mostly shrouded in rumors and legends. The stories depict grandeur greater than the seat of the Malbornean Empire, but to what extend this holds true is impossible to confirm.


Hall of Linthel

Deep in the sleeping kingdom of the Luthans, in the city of Lorendil, the Hall of Linthel houses the greatest mystics of the Luthan realm. Much like Meldoriel, the Hall of Linthel is shrouded in mystery, for outsiders have no access to Lorendil. It was founded by Linthel Quenmadar in times when Valhars still walked the face of Aradea. Since Loruthiel was mostly spared from the rage of Tempest, it is likely that the hall is still there and remains in the hands of mystics.


Temple of Sirion

Founded by Sirion Eldever, after the relations between Hurons and Elvars began to degrade, the temple offered a place to practice Awen as less and less of the Elvars dared to travel through multiple Huron kingdoms to reach Palantheon. Sirion is considered a folk hero for everything he did for his people, and because of that his hall is called a temple. Temple of Sirion is by far the smallest of all establishments of mystics, but to this day it continues to house many eager mystics. As a result of this, their library is rapidly growing.