Legends & Prophecies - Waning

1. Introduction
2. The Great Quake
3. The War That Should Not Be
4. Worldwide Famine
5. Blisterfever
6. The Howling Wind
7. The Descent of Immortals
8. Flight of the Wyrms
9. Closing Words


As described in the transcript called Dawn of Time, the universe keeps expanding for as long as the exhale of Aras continues. From the moment the dark veil was born to this day, and millions of years from now, the expansion remains solid and seemingly everlasting. But nothing truly lasts forever, not even the stars. Eventually and inevitably, Aras' breath is all but spent, thus the cycle ends and a new one begins, called Aras' inhale. This phase will take another aeon, but it is the unavoidable countdown for end of everything, including Aradea. The last chapter of Tome of Ages describes the end times, and how the final departure of Atars manifests itself as a series of omens leading to the last breath of the planet.


The Great Quake

As the edge of destruction, caused by Aras' accelerating inhale, approaches Aradea, the planet is shaken by a series of quakes that crack the lands, dismantle entire mountains and open multiple new pathways to the Everdeep. This will lead to the second omen.


The War That Should Not Be

The entire nations escaping the crumbling, collapsing Everdeep, immediately begin to conquer new territory, clashing with kingdoms and nations of the surface, effectively launching the largest war in the history of Aradea. This war that should not be will lead to the third and fourth omens.


Worldwide Famine

With lands of Aradea burning, a famine worse than that caused by the eclipse occurs, exposing the people for spreading diseases, further feeding the bloodlust of bitter and hopeless nations trying to cling on the remnants of the world.



A terrible plague sweeps across the weakened world, causing more death than the war during its span of fifty years. As a result of blisterfever, the battles become less and less as armies continue to lose men and the failing supply lines eat at the already deteriorating morals.


The Howling Wind

The quakes continue through the entirety of end times, later to be accompanied by shredding winds that pull fully grown trees out of the ground with their roots, throwing debris everywhere at lethal speeds. At this point, the invisible fabric of aether, also known as magic, begins to shatter, releasing violent magical storms that destroy the last remnants of civilizations that once thrived.


The Descent of Immortals

From their homes in the Welkin, the immortal Atars arrive to bid last farewells to their children, and the world they once created, only to be destroyed by the father of all. They spend a day among the mortals, suffering from the turmoils of the falling world, and on the verge of the last night, they depart to join their father at the center of all and watch as every piece of their work is undone.


Flight of the Wyrms

From beneath the broken surface of Aradea, now reaching the lowest levels of Everdeep, rises the twelve great wyrms, the forgers of the world, and follow their makers to the great unknown. In their wake comes fire and brimstone, setting the dying world ablaze. With the fading light of Sul'Awen, Aradea burns equally bright for a moment before they both slowly become dimmer, eventually disappearing amid the veil of darkness.


Closing Words

With the last blessing of Leileth, Aradea, as well as the entire universe, is no more. Everything returns to the point they once were, an empty, lifeless void. The motes of aether become dormant as they wait for the cycle to begin anew.