Legends & Prophecies - Unseen


During the years of darkness, under the shadow of Ironcrown, the entire profession of mysticism was hanging by a thread. Ironcrown declared all spellweaving forbidden, threatening the continent of Belmora with open war if his demand was not met. The rulers of Belmora condoned, for the strength of Angarath struck them all with fear. Mystics disappeared. Like desert sand in the wind, they vanished from their libraries and studies, struggling to find places where to hide and store their precious grimoires. Preserving the ancient knowledge became the primary mission for their shattered order, or whatever was left of it.

Hunted by bounty hunters of all kinds, and even the Pale Riders, the undead henchmen of the Ironcrown, mystics descended underground. A loose network of studies was established over time, dedicated to both keeping what had been recorded during the last two millenniums, but to also continue the work to possibly find ways to fight Ironcrown's tyranny. The leader and the one who founded what would be called the Unseen was none other than Denaris Cardoval, another legend in the long line of mystics throughout the history. Unfortunately, Denaris was, eventually, betrayed by his own apprentice, Sildrian Feldras, wanting to buy her power by selling the Unseen to the Ironcrown. She was stopped by a young man named Cortrem Breldor, who then proceeded to lead the Unseen, until he passed the torch to Solthanas Andreal.

Under constant threat of being exposed and instantly hunted down by the hounds of the Ironcrown, Solthanas did his very best to find new talented mystics, but due to the grave circumstances, their numbers dwindled to a mere handful. Somehow, these resilient people pushed through to create a legend that is the Unseen, an invisible branch of mystics that defied the will of the Ironcrown.

Large bounties were offered for any information leading to the hideouts of mystics or places that stored illegal material, such as grimoires, scrolls or enchanted items. This led to some folks taking up the task of trying to discover these hideouts. Selling their fellow countrymen to the Ironcrown, they earned a few extra coins to keep food on the table, food that was becoming more and more expensive as the perpetual darkness prevented crops from growing. Known as lurkers, these vile ruins of men were constantly eavesdropping, looking for any clues and pieces of information they could offer to the local authorities, hoping to collect their highly desired rewards. Sometimes a plausible suspicion was enough to trigger lurkers to wag their tongues. Because of this, many families met their end, for the Ironcrown took no chances of having mystics running free, regardless of how unlikely it may have been.

There's a rumor, a story, that Solanthas Andreal built a secret library beneath the city of Pelgarth in Valdor. No one has been able to verify if this is true or not, but the tales continue to soar. The name, "Ambrashan", is continuously whispered around campfires and fireplaces, meaning "hidden from sight" in ancient luthana, the language of Luthans.