Legends & Prophecies - Purple Lotus

Purple Lotus

Purple Lotus, the shady order that everybody knows about, yet nobody really knows anything. Based in Iskadron, on the eastern shore of Forlorn Sea, Purple Lotus does not make much racket about itself. As an order of assassins, reavers and shady business dealers, Purple Lotus avoids daylight, operating in the dead of night. Very little is known about the origins of the order, but it has had an enormous impact on world history over the centuries. Responsible for some high level assassinations, Purple Lotus is both feared and revered, depending on the point of view. The emblem of the order is a dark purple lotus flower on black background.

Led by the mysterious figure, known as the Hooded One, the order has flourished in its own field of specialty. The primary motivation seems to be making money from selling illegal herbs and substances, loansharking and murder. For the most part, Purple Lotus has no political affiliates or interests, but during the course of history, it has been known to take active part when it seems to be beneficial for the order. Governed by a strict code, Purple Lotus often hunts down its own members to ruthlessly end them. This kind of "marking for death" is done as a result of contract breaches or direct crimes against the order itself.

Who is the Hooded One? Nobody knows, except the innermost circle of the order, the so called hands. It is believed that the Hooded One is chosen from this small core through voting, and while the hands have a high level of influence within the order, it is the Hooded One who always makes the final decision.

Purple Lotus operates at least on three continents, Belmora, Solanar and Westerdel. In Westerdel, they face competition from a loose outlaw marauder group known as the Yellow Claw, which is based in Tholbard. Known as brutes and bullies, the Claw often clashes with Purple Lotus, but even they know to keep their distance to a degree. Rivalries and quarrels usually break out through accidental crossings of paths, which are quickly settled by money or blood.

Who founded the Purple Lotus, and where does the name come from? Nobody really knows. Most likely it was a gradual organizing of criminal activity in the Iskadron area, slowly driven by the local crime lords. Over time, the order took on its current shape and form, becoming the prominent force of the criminal underworld. The flower remains a mystery. It could be simply a remnant of a noble house that no longer exists, perhaps one that had close ties with the order in its infancy.