History - Dawn of Time

1. Immortal Atars
2. The Beginning of Everything
3. The Children of Aras
4. The Birth of Aradea

Immortal Atars

The Immortals, the creators of Aradea and the vastness beyond the veil of stars, the children of Aras, were originally twelve, but ten remains after the great sacrifice of Awenthas and Arkellon. Together they form a crucial balance of power.

Avareth (Lightbearer)

Anduniel (Weaver)

Mariel (White Deer / White Doe)

Tharos (Forger of the World)

Leileth (Chronicler)

Galadin (Judge)

Sardius (Navigator)

Neferlyn (Blight)

Calmor (Harvester of Souls)

Sagriel (Deceiver)


The Beginning of Everything

In the beginning, in time and age that cannot be defined, before a single star was lit, darkness prevailed, cold and infinite. The borderless void was without shape or form, extending beyond space and time. Aeons had passed, and aeons would pass as the past, present and future melted together in nothingness. Countless number of tiny particles floated freely in the dark vastness of what would be called the dark veil, welkin, space, the eternity of sky, without task or purpose. Attaching and detaching like swirling dust upon ancient shelves of an old library, the motes of aether danced in the void, dormant. As useful as the dust itself, the aether was utterly passive, waiting for a light to reveal it, a trigger to activate it, but in the void there was nothing to ignite the power of this unknown substance with immaculate energy stored within. Where it seemed as if the space was barren and empty, it was indeed quite full, but this fullness remained hidden from naked eye, invisible and unknown.

A single aeon seemed like aimless, random waft among the invisible motes of aether, but if they would have been given visiblity when observed over thousand aeons, ages too many to count, a consistent motion would have been revealed. So slow that it was nearly impossible to detect, the motes whirled around each other, forming tighter and tighter little vortexes all over the limitless space. Where all these particles originated is unknown, but they were there all along, slowly gaining structure and form, apparently without any external triggers. It strongly seemed like the aether itsef was the will of Aras the Maker before he forced himself into existence to do his one and only task as the mother and father of everything, as if the element of magic had magical qualities within itself.

The movement of aether accelerated through the following aeons, generating a stir in space that had been frozen still for a time beyond comprehension, but no more. The tiny vortexes, spinning faster and faster, joining together and growing, began to drift toward the center of everything, the nexus of space where one gigantic vortex was coming together one little piece at a time. Endless amount of aether was gathering to a relatively small area, becoming a part of enormous concentration of awakening energy. Pulling away from the outer reaches, all aether was mysteriously wandering to one spot as if it was being called by some mysterious herder, approaching critical mass very quickly. Quickly compared to the time it took to create visible change, but now that the change was happening, it was unstoppable, and it would be for the remainder of time.

The will of Aras pulled the pieces of himself together, inhaling every little wildly floating particle to one single location. The vortex grew and grew, whirled faster and faster, until it reached a point where it was too much to contain itself.

With the first sound booming across the dark veil as the concentrated aether suddenly exploded, expanding outward at an astonishing speed, the previously prevailed stillness was gone. In the middle of this fire and mayhem, Aras forced himself into existence, and his roaring cry echoed throughout the newborn universe, still in rapid motion as a result of his massive exhale that would continue for a time beyond measure. There, at the nexus of everything, Aras remained, sending waves and waves of aether flying outward.

Such was the force of Aras' exhale that it finally activated the previously sleeping aether, and the space was no longer empty. The wildly spinning aether collided with each other, releasing massive bursts of energy and creating matter in the process, the building blocks of future stars, planets and moons. Along with the great initial detonation. later known as Aras' Cry, all the elements were unleashed, bound together by the wild aether, bringing forth the fundamental essences required for life. Nothing more than morsels and droplets in deep space, floating aimlessly from one rock to another, but like the motes of aether at first, they were now present, waiting.


The Children of Aras

Aras' exhale continued to push the boundaries of space from within, feeding more and more building blocks into the expanding universe. Then, somewhere in space and time, a consciousness became aware. Born from the whirling aether, the first child of Aras glanced around, confused and afraid, but the calming presence of his father, the dark veil itself, was soothing and encouraging. The possibilities were endless and unbridled, and his ability to weave aether like his father, gave him great confidence, and his wisdom grew infinite over the following aeons. He was Awenthas, the first of the Atar, and the burden of teaching and leading his brothers and sisters was bestowed upon him.

Eleven followed, joining Awenthas as the entities that would forge the universe, aiming for balance and concordance. From Aras' rough baseline came the voices of his children, bright and clear, and they all formed a harmony called the Song of Immortals, a song that was to bring order into the prevailing chaos.

The Children of Aras, the Atar, wandered through the vastness, exploring and learning. As their wisdom grew, so did their ability to interact with the surrounding aether, and slowly some of the Atars developed ambition alongside with their endless curiosity. As a result of this, new wonders appeared. The first star combusted, and millions of others after that, and the space was no longer dark but full of light and color. Engulfed in searing flames, the newborn stars drove away coldness from the nearby celestial bodies, forming liquid and gas on their surface as the elements changed forms. In time, some of these bodies would become planets orbiting their star, creating solar systems and entire galaxies.

The second entity was Arkellon, and she grew very fond of Awenthas, following him through the universe that was still taking shape. Together they wandered far, igniting new stars along the way, bringing light to the darkest edges of space, developing deeper and deeper bond as they drifted farther. Oblivious to being followed by the bitter sisters, Sagriel and Neferlyn, they cherished the miracles of Aras' exhale by creating new miracles to shine over the welkin. The sisters, however, had no such gift as to create fire in the sky. Their art was darker and more dreadful.

Envious for the many creations of Awenthas and Arkellon, they drew upon the power of aether to tear a hole in the fabric of space. So incredibly horrid it was that even a star could not escape its irresistible grip. Swallowing everything that dared to come close enough, the black hole did away with the work of Awenthas and Arkellon, and they were not pleased to learn of this. There was, however, no way of knowing who had plotted against them, which left them only the choice to continue, for the black hole was a mystery, even to them.

Elsewhere, the other Atars wandered in a similar manner, exploring and observing. Some of them studied elements and the natural flow of the universe while others were drawn to creation. A clear and distinctive call to certain aspects of the space was emerging, beginning to mold the way children of Aras would be perceived for all eternity.

Billions of years passed, yet the exhale continued, expanding the universe farther and farther. Eventually, the first planets with perfect conditions were found. Avareth, Anduniel, Tharos and Mariel were the Atars most keen to study these, building complicated ecosystems and experimenting with the elements. Air, water, earth and fire, all bound together by aether, the five elements gave birth to wondrous worlds with beauty unrivalled. Through these creations, the concept of life was revealed, and by the birth of the first black hole, the inevitable death of everything was discovered. Along with these events came emotions, a new level of consciousness, and some Atars looked at these, finding perplexing fascination for their unpredictable potential, namely Sagriel and Mariel. From these two, especially Sagriel grew to master the emotions, manipulating them in the aeons to come in order to achieve her own dark aspirations.

Then the unthinkable happened.


The Birth of Aradea

Against all odds, in all the vastness of space, three Atars crossed paths upon a rocky planet that seemed rogue. Having no attachments to the surrounding systems, it floated freely through the endless space. It seemed like nothing worthy of a mention, but it was about to become one of the greatest works of the eternal Atars. While it was not the first, it would be a world that gained more attention from them than most.

Avareth, the Atar who discovered the rock and found it pleasing to his eye, attracted the attention of Awenthas and Arkellon by unleashing his might upon the solid rock, shaping it into a nearly perfect sphere. Perhaps it was nothing more than a whim of a moment, but there was something that drew his attention to this plain rock more and more as he worked, polishing and perfecting the shape. Awenthas and Arkellon watched, excited by this prospect of a new world.

The blank sphere was bombarded by meteors to carry and spread the elements of dormant life on the frozen surface, waiting for warmth and light to bloom. This was Avareth's grand plan, and both Awenthas and Arkellon saw the incredible potential. So impressed they were, so confident that they could not surpass his work. Out of free will, they wished to offer a gift of sacrifice. The long journey and the evolving emotions had led them to a point where they found each other more interesting than the surrounding space. They wanted to entwine; they wanted to become one until the days ran out and Aras would begin his inevitable inhale. With this in mind, they presented their offering to Avareth.

Firmly against it, Avareth spoke to his brother and sister in utter shock, for it was something completely unheard of for two Atars to join physically together. But Awenthas was steadfast, telling him that his world would be better than any of the others, declaring confidence in Avareth that he could achieve balance like no other. With these words, he reached out to his beloved and kissed her, beginning the fusion. Melting together in a flashing light before Avareth's eyes, they ceased to exist, and as their minds became one they stopped being independent entities, solidifying and becoming opaque. Then, after a brief moment of silence, the star-shaped crystal began to radiate, and where there had been two Atars was now their shining legacy of many colors. The warmth and light it shone was unique compared to other suns, and it made the seeds of life grow faster than ever before. In awe for this sacrifice, Avareth named the crystal sun Sul'Awellon, meaning the light of Awenthas and Arkellon, to honor their eager passing.

The ice on the surface of the new world began to melt rapidly, filling the vast plains with water. Together with the aggressively erupting volcanos and rocks becoming covered in primordial vegetation, an atmosphere began to take shape around the now blue world.

Avareth's effort attracted other Atars to the location, curious to see the world they had only known in whispers and wordless rumors in the depths of their connected awareness. The sorrow for their lost brother and sister was great, but after witnessing the legacy they had left behind, joy was the first and foremost feeling among them, and even Sagriel appeared to pay homage to the blue planet. Anduniel and Mariel, upon seeing the latest miracle, gasped a single word that would be the name of this new world.


The miracle of Aras, which it truly was, allured many of the immortal spirits to take part and bring their own touch to the evolving world. Tharos delved into shaping the mountains and valleys, as well as the molten core, to his liking. Anduniel dived into the oceans and filled them with life. Mariel created the seeds from which the forests grew. Neferlyn brought death in her wake, the same concept that was already prevailing among the stars in the form of black holes, for all life was eternal as were the creators. Through Neferlyn's touch this was all changed, and now the plants and animals had a cycle of life, balance between beginnings and endings. Avareth watched all this, and he was pleased.

Bursting with jealous rage, Sagriel plotted to destroy Avareth's grand work. Lacking the ability to create anything nearly as beautiful, she dedicated her existence to counter the doings of other Atars. And now, with the help of Calmor, an Atar deeply fascinated by the concept of death, she was preparing to give Avareth's world its death blow.

Combining their voices into one, Calmor and Sagriel concentrated on the brightly shining Sul'Awellon. Unleashing their infinite might, the two Atars created a reflective sphere around the crystal sun, projecting all the radiating energy back to itself, which quickly began to disrupt the crytal, eating at the strong strings of aether holding it together. A sudden temperature drop on Aradea was noticed by many, but it was too late to revert what was about to happen.

The energy built up quickly against the solid surface of Sul'Awellon, beginning to cause cracks, slowly shattering the crystal that was considered indestructible. When Avareth realized what was happening, the crystal was already so brittle it was disintegrating into dust. Joining with Anduniel, Mariel and Tharos, he broke the sphere surrounding the crystal, but the light was flickering and dying. Large portions broke off the main crystal and floated into space, cold and dark.

Avareth cried for the loss of both his world and his brother and sister. Anduniel, Mariel and Tharos confronted Sagriel and Calmor, and the first pact of Atars was made that moment. Threatening to undo the black holes Sagriel held so dear, they made her to submit and bind herself to a promise that no creation could ever be undone by another Atar. The same promise, however, bound them all, but while there was a menace to it, the pact was seen as a way for peaceful existence. A war between Atars would have unmade everything Aras had achieved, and he did not allow open conflict, not for as long as they all remained as spirits with full might of aether at their disposal.

Collecting the pieces of Sul'Awellon, Avareth worked to revive the crystal, knowing that his attempt was in vain. They all mourned, all but Sagriel and Calmor. Retreating from the presence of the others, they grew distance to plan their new endeavours and work their dark designs.

Once the warming light of Sul'Awellon was lost, Aradea froze and turned dead. All life on the once blue world ceased, a loss that made more than just Avareth to wallow in sorrow. The different colors of Sul'Awellon were scattered around the space without a chance to be salvaged, but a few pieces remained, large enough to have great quantities of aether still bound in them. After wasting another aeon on fruitless work, Avareth concentrated his mind on the remaining pieces.

From these pieces, with help from Tharos, he forged Sul'Awen, the light of Awenthas, which would be known as solas, the sun. The other two pieces were Sul'Suriel and Sul'Aure, the light of night, referring to Arkellon, and the light of wisdom, the silvery and the blue moon of Aradea.

As the golden shine of sun reached the frozen wastes of Aradea, the ice began to melt and a new dawn glimmered upon the lands, marking the return of the Atars. Forests grew, animals populated the forests, and little by little, the ecosystem evolved to a point of self-sustainment.

Growing jealousy over Avareth's grand creation gnawed Sagriel on the inside, now unable to directly take action to ruin the blue planet. Turning her eternal gaze at the vast space, she reached for a passing comet in the vicinity, altering its path to collide with Avareth's precious world. Unsuspecting, the other Atars continued working on further miracles that shaped the world to their liking.

When the massive celestial piece arrived to the atmosphere of Aradea, igniting into a flaming ball of destruction, it was too late to prevent the impact. It is impossible to say whether it was poor luck or if Sagriel had influenced the comet's landing path, but it struck on land. The quakes and tremors were felt around the world, the oceans made waves taller than mountains and the following dust cloud veiled the sun for decades, effectively killing most life on the planet still in its infancy.

Watching the destruction, Anduniel screamed in frustration, and she turned her gaze at Sagriel, who she knew to blame. Great was her power in anger, and she threw Sagriel's spirit into a cage. located in a completely different plane of existence, which paved way for the welkin, the celestial homes of each Atar. At this point, however, the plane worked as a cage, imprisoning Sagriel there for many ages while Avareth, Anduniel, Mariel and Tharos began the lengthy process of repairing Aradea.

Where the comet had landed now opened a large inland sea, but the continent of Ara remained as the sole mass of land above the churning waters. The land, however, was desolate, dead. Only place where life had been spared was the deepest ocean. Over the next years, the surface froze as a result of the darkened sun. The whales struggled long, but eventually they disappeared, causing great sadness among the Atars.

When the dust finally settled and the sun returned, Aradea was mostly lost. This was when Mariel traveled to a place that would be later known as Dalnaril, the emerald abyss, and breathed new life to the world, restoring much of what was lost with her powerful spell. It took years, decades, centuries to do this, but the concept of time for an Atar is not what it is for mere mortals.

Turning her gaze at the eternal oceans, Anduniel searched and found the oldest and largest animals lurking near the bottom of the deepest water, the Garadwen, later to be known as morgwars. These last ones of their species were given an honor like no other, for Anduniel raised them from the ocean, granted them life eternal and released them to the sky. With head of a whale and tail of a squid, massive fins helping them to swim among the clouds, the morgwars took on a new role in between the cold space and the verdant greenery. They became the protectors of the remade world, deflecting any and all threats arriving from the dark veil.

With Aradea protected and the nature revived, the Atars returned to passionately work on the blue world. The time was nearing the moment when first of the Atars would make their attempt to create something new, something that would reflect the image of the creators.

The moment when Avareth began to chant his spell was the moment when the ancient history is considered to end, marking the early dawn of the First Age.