Geography - Continent of Westerdel

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Westerdel is one of the four main continents. It is located directly west from Belmora. Due to smaller size compared to Belmora, Westerdel avoids the harsh weather conditions of both far north and far south. The land is divided by a narrow pass, separating the original kingdoms of Hurons and Luthans. Westerdel is covered by dense forests and meadowlands, enjoying a temperate climate with fairly high precipitation around the year. While snowfall is rare even in the coldest months, it is not entirely unheard of, especially in the northern parts.

Only two realms exist on Westerdel, yet the continent has legendary position in the old folklore. The great ancestry of both anoran and luthani species originates from these lands, giving it a key role and setting for many tales and songs. The western side of the continent is ruled by the Luthans, a sleeping nation that is rarely seen outside the borders of their kingdom, Loruthiel. The eastern side, on the other hand, is very much a part of the world having regular trade established with the Belmoran realms. The Huron kingdom of Yorkar, especially the northern shore where most major cities are located, is a bustling place of high culture and knowledge.