Geography - Continent of Solanar

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Solanar is the southeastern continent, and the largest of the four main landmasses. The northern shore of the entire continent is mostly desert, reaching deep down toward south along the eastern coast. The middle of the continent is isolated by several mountain ranges forming an enormous lowland vale that is covered by rain forest, known as Marathlor. The source of River Cimbeldine, flowing from thousands of streams along the mountains to form deep lakes, is located in Marathlor. The western parts of Solanar are covered with savannah and forests; the eastern side is untamed wilderness, consisting of high moors and low woodlands. To the south lies the Garthwe Deadlands where the ground itself is too toxic for anything to grow.

Unlike Belmora, Solanar is mostly untamed and unclaimed. Only small portions of the vast continent are governed by a more or less civilized nation. As a source of many myths and legends, Solanar still has a thick veil of secrecy surrounding the unexplored, hidden regions where no man has dared to travel. In Parisol, the northwestern savannah, four major tribes of Nosfers (branch of anoran) rule the land with one common capital, known as Zawa, where annual meetings and celebrations take place. On the southwestern peninsula of Khartaka stands the ancient kingdom of Leotars. These fierce warriors have slowly taken over the wildlands of Dhamgir, bringing much needed stability to the entire western Solanar. The eastern lands of the continent remain scarcely populated to this day with some remote Darfin settlements and a lonely outlaw town of Waylon, a safe haven for those with a bounty on their head.