Geography - Continent of Narachel

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Narachel is one of the four main continents, consisting four smaller landmasses very close together. Each one of these islands has rather distinctive features to set them apart. Narachel is a southern continent, thus the climate is primarily tropical or subtropical. Shrouded in mystery, Narachel is mostly avoided by travelers. Only the Darkmere Wardens are known to have deeper connection to this land, namely the Dryads of Melendar.

Dalashar is the northeastern landmass, hosting the only publicly known town in the entire Narachel, called Toltera, built in the past for miners and explorers, for the waters and mountains of Dalashar are rich in precious metals. Having no Darfin settlements around have opened opportunities for other folks to find their fortunes in the untamed wilderness. Dalashar is the only part of Narachel that is fairly safe for an outsider.

Kilroghan is the southeastern landmass with an abundance of volcanic activity, rendering the land practically uninhabitable. Veiled in eternal mist, Kilroghan is deadly with every step of the way. Suddenly erupting geysirs, boiling lakes and rivers, and predatory wildlife that has adapted to this environment makes it a gamble for anyone daring to enter. Most known beast of the area is undoubtedly the great cindermane, a salamander like creature that thrives in the fiery pits of Kilroghan.

Shadizrain is the northwestern landmass, completely covered by bogs and mires. This aversive wetland is the home to Sharazins, the highly intelligent branch of the zilthil species. Tied to their watery realm, Sharazins are masters of poison and remedy, but their remote location have left them mostly untouched by the rest of the world.

Melendar is the southwestern landmass, also known as Darkmere, Innelieth and Melyar. Completely covered by rain forest, Melendar, like Shadizrain, is extremely difficult to approach. Somewhere in the middle of this mysterious land lies the Sacred Grove, a home to the Dryads of the world. Only the Darkmere Wardens have deeper knowledge of this land, but they have sworn to never reveal the secrets of their ancient shrine.