Geography - Halfar

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Halfar is an island northwest from Valdor, making it the only land on Aradea with completely arctic climate. Extremely cruel, cold weather tests the land around the year with everfrost making any kind of agriculture nearly impossible to practice. The mountains of Halfar are some of the highest in the world, creating deep, shadowy valleys of everlasting winter. The southern shore loses snow during the brief summer, but the ground is forever clenched by the icy fist of everfrost. Vast glaciers cover the northern shores while a few small, stunted juniper forests persevere in the south.

Only Forgars, a distant branch of Darfins, live in Halfar, claiming it as their home since the Tempest. All population steers toward south, for even the Forgars cannot withstand the northern conditions. Very little is known of these fierce warriors, for they are almost completely isolated from the rest of the world, and their hostile nature does not welcome visitors.