Geography - Continent of Belmora

Belmora Belmora Realms
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Belmora is the northeastern continent and one of the four largest landmasses of Aradea. It is dominated by two mountain ranges, Harrow Mountains splitting the northern and central lands into east and west, and Burning Mountains splitting the southern lands into north and south. The northern parts maintain climates from everfrost tundra to milder, more temperate deciduous forest. The lands around Forlorn Sea enjoy a type of mediterranean, subtropical weather while the great southern peninsula is a mixture of desert and tropical environments. To the west, two large islands emerge from the Westwind Sea, considered as an integral part of the continent.

All the major species have found themselves a home in Belmora, which has led to forming strict borders between the realms. Hurons have conquered the north, forming strong kingdoms and adjusting well to the cold weather. Trevlins have made home to the south, establishing flourishing realms that take advantage of their twelwe month growing season in an area often called as the Jewel of Belmora. In between these two major nations lies the lands of Medlams, a mixed breed that struggled gaining their foothold in the history, but which has now stabilized as their own proud nation, ruling the central kingdoms with wisdom and sword. The eastern side of Harrow Mountains is known as the Shining Kingdoms, a name that is derived from an age when Magoria and Calathmar were at the height of their power. Northern Magoria is populated by the Hurons, while the southern Calathmar is ruled by Medlams. Scattered around the continent, the separated branches of luthani have found their places. Elvars in the western peninsula of Nolgor, Cildars in the south, hiding in their cave kingdom of Indomiel and Arathans deep underground. Darfins, just like the luthani, have several well founded strongholds mined beneath the stone of great mountains. The northern realm of Windari is the only land on the surface that is solely governed by these sturdy warriors.

The kingdoms of Arnon and Sartane, located in the southern edge of Westwind Sea, are populated by Trevlins, the northern island of Valdor is under Huron control and in the middle of these two large islands emerges a smaller, completely independent cradle of knowledge and honor, the glorious home of the Darkmere Wardens, known as Mithras. These fearless rangers bow to no king, and serve the good Immortal Mariel by gathering and storing information to their great Library of Malgred, named after the first Grandmaster of the order. Their connection to the Dryads of Narachel is acknowledged, but the depth of their affiliation is a subject of debate. Two other independent states exist in the eastern coast where the realm of Angarath and the wild steppes of Borrea stand. The once mighty capital of the Church of Ten Flames stood in Borrea, but after being in ruins for more than a century, the entirety of Borrea is now desolate no man's land. Angarath is known as the land of the mystics, and their shining city of Palantheon is located at the heart of this vast land.