Geography - World of Aradea

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Disclaimer: All maps presented under the geography subsection of lore are concept maps, originally created solely for author's personal use, containing high amount of place names that would never appear on a finished version of this scale. However, knowing how much fantasy enthusiasts find maps entertaining and useful, the concepts are publicly available now until replaced with finalized versions.

The supercontinent of Ara was the first landmass that dominated the newborn Aradea in the wake of Sagriel's second eclipse. The impact of the comet began the process of shattering, which would later be completed by the Tempest that separated the First Age from the second. Ara was a massive continent, having every climate available from arid deserts to lush rain forests to frozen tundras and glaciers. It is impossible to determine where and when exactly the first Valhar saw daylight, for no known maps of the continent survived through the turmoils of Tempest, but the best educated guess would be Westerdel. When the Atars launched Tempest, the shattering of the world was finished, forming the continents as they now appear.

The final form comprises four main continents and a group of large islands, scattered across the oceans. Population is largely concentrated on the eastern continents of Belmora and Solanar. While the western world is less populated, it still hosts a plethora of advanced civilizations, including Westerdel, which is the home for what are considered the original branches of anoran and luthani species (Hurons and Luthans).

The bodies of water have been named by seafarers during their adventures to map the world, which often means something distinctive to that part of the world. Most of them are quite easily explained, such as the Azure Ocean and Northfrost Ocean, but some have a special trait to them. The Ghostlight Sea has gotten its name from the green glow that can be seen at night. It is created by the hunterfish, a type of carnivorous fish that lives plenty in the fairly shallow water of the Ghostlight Sea. This phenomenon has created many tales, usually concerning the restless spirits of the extinct Valhars looking for their lost home. Deepstone Ocean has received its name from the seemingly endless trenches that cover the ocean floor, sparking tales of the underworld itself being located at the bottom. Neverending Ocean was named after multiple expeditions returned, too afraid to sail any further, convinced that the edge of the world was all that loomed behind the horizon.

Despite the tales concerning the Neverending Ocean, many scholars are certain that if sailed far enough to the west, the ship would, eventually, reach the eastern shore of Belmora or Solanar. There are also rumors of a hidden continent that lies somewhere behind the mists, but so far the distance, and lack of courage of any given superstitious ship crew, have been too great to verify these theories.

Snapshot facts of the present day (year 2255 After Tempest (AT)):
- World population: roughly 95 million, all species and races combined
- Average temperature: ~15℃/59℉
- Mortality rate for children (before reaching 15 solaruns/years): 38%
- Measurements: based on British imperial.
- Money: Varies locally, but commonly accepted currency is based on value of gold (1 gold crown = 10 silver shillings = 100 copper pennies) as declared by Emperor Hati of Malbornea in 2042AT. Used widely in Amnar, Belmora and Westerdel.
- 12 cycles of solarun (months), named after the ten reigning Atars and two who fell before the world was made: Awenthil, Avaren, Andunn, Marid, Galadil, Leilen, Tharam, Sardun, Nefril, Calmaren, Sagrist and Awellen.