Geography - Amnar

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Amnar is a small landmass west from Westerdel and north from Narachel, split into northern and southern islands of approximately equal size. Populated exclusively by Kells, a distant branch of Belmorean Hurons that was left completely isolated during the Tempest. Amnar is very mountainous land with plenty of highland moors and lowland vales where selected agriculture has a chance to thrive. Most of the population, including the capital city of Castellon, is concentrated on the northern island. While farming is indeed feasible, fishing and hunting form a large portion of their diet. Amnar suffers from harsh and windy weather, and while winters rarely see snowfall, the high precipitation of all seasons makes life challenging for the Kells.

As eager fishermen, the Kells quickly adapted to the ways of the sea, becoming arguably the most skilled seafarers of all Aradea. Kells are organized in small, isolated groups and communities, usually governed by a nobleman. Unlike in Belmora, the sole high king of the entire realm, Khel of Castellon, does not force his influence upon the individual communities, leaving far more power in the hands of the local lords. Despite being far apart and isolated, Kells feel great pride for their realm and stay loyal without much enforcement. A war is not entirely uncommon between two manors, but these disputes rarely revolve around Khel as the reasons are usually not treasonous, but instead include payment problems, personal feuds and so forth. Very seldom a Kell raises weapons against the kingdom and its ruler.

The Church of Ten Flames has a foothold in Amnar as well, but majority of the Kells are still worshipping different forest spirits and even passed ancestors, who they believe to grant them strength. Shamans are often the preferred choice to seek help for spiritual and physical problems rather than a priest. Kells are deeply religious in their own right, which has made the introduction of a new way extremely difficult. The church remains patient, however, for the Kells have proven to be loyal and trusted among the kingdoms of Belmora.