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E-mail: The primary way to contact me is by e-mail. You can either use the link icon on the left navigation bar, which opens your default e-mail client's compose new mail window automatically, but if you don't have one determined, either nothing happens or you receive an error message. In this case it's better to copy my e-mail address and paste it to the appropriate field of your favorite e-mail service. My e-mail address is

Facebook and Twitter: These are the social media options to use in order to follow my work without checking the website quite so frequently. I will post a heads up every time something changes or gets added to the website, which in return gives you instant announcement of new content. I do not post anything on my Facebook or Twitter accounts that is not literacy related, which keeps the topics handled strictly in line with what I do.

Instant message: This fulfills the same function as e-mail, but it's done through a third party web application. Use whichever you find most comfortable.