Ever since I was a 10 years old boy and saw the British tv show, Robin of Sherwood, I've been hooked on fantasy settings in one way or the other. After finishing The Lord of the Rings and Tirant lo Blanc about five or six years later, I became interested in writing tales of my own. Placing the stories in the mostly unused parts of Tolkien's Middle-earth, for example the distant wastes behind the Sea of Rhûn, I began a modest hobby that later became a passion. Scraping letters on cheap paper sheets with a sloppy pen, I immersed myself deeper into the springs of my imagination, and at the same time continued learning from the best by introducing my hungry mind to authors like Robert E. Howard, Alexandre Dumas and Stephen King.

I do like the occasional science fiction just as much as the next guy, but the historical time period from the fall of Rome to the beginning of renaissance, also known as the medieval, or dark age, mixed together with fantasy elements has always held a special place in my heart. The rise of the church to defy the absolute power of kings, and how all that affected the people of that time, is such an unending fountain of inspiration that continues to amaze me as I learn more every day. When the freedom of fantasy is combined with the harsh oppression, delicate beauty and the outright absurd persecutions of that time, the result is something that makes my heart burst with keen excitement.

When I met my wife back in 2004, I had no clue that I would take writing as far as I eventually did, for until 2010 Aradea was nothing but a few scattered notes around the room. At this point writing itself was nothing more than a form of self-entertainment. With patience and tenacity, my wife finally convinced me to take things to the next level and start putting some stories out. I built the first version of the website and really began to put more effort into assembling something that would be the first edition of The Annals of Aradea. Then came the stories-- a whole lot of them. Some I wrote to flesh out certain parts of the world, some were experiments on styles and different technical aspects of writing, and then, of course, some were just pure fun and an attempt to write the best piece I possibly could, searching for the boundaries of my skills and going beyond in order to learn more. It was a long process, and there were no ways to take shortcuts or cheat, which became painfully clear along the way. In hindsight, if there was an easy way, it wouldn't be nearly as fulfilling when your world, and the stories that take place in it, come together seamlessly to create something unique.

I will continue to build the world of Aradea, and I will continue to write for as long as the sun rises and I have air to breathe. Sometimes I advance slower, sometimes faster, but the love for the stories is like the oldest tree in the world. It will not shatter, and it will not fall no matter how stormy the winds may grow, for the roots of it run deep in the fertile dirt of imagination.